What is Family Violence?

If someone is hurting you, or if you are hurting someone, either physically, or using words, threats or emotional manipulation, then those actions are classified as Family Violence.

Family Violence can be easy to ignore or minimise, especially when someone you love is hurting you. Family Violence does not just involve the most serious instances of physical violence, but includes physical and sexual assaults, threats, stalking, harassment and controlling behaviour, such as controlling where you go, who you hang out with, what you wear and how you spend your money.

Te Rito Family Violence Definition

The Ministry of Social Development (2002) have published their definition of Family Violence within the document Te Rito: New Zealand Family Violence Prevention Strategy.  You can read the definition here.

Power and Control Wheel

The Women’s Refuge website explains the power and control associated with Family Violence using the ‘Power and Control Wheel’.

How to Get Help

If these definitions and examples sound like you or someone you know call for help – 0800 456 450.

Find out more

You can find out more about Family Violence by visiting The Campaign for Action on Family Violence website.

Need help now?

If you, or someone you know, needs urgent help, call one of these numbers NOW:

Women's Refuge
03 548 3353
SVS - Living Safe
03 548 3850

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