Elder Abuse and Neglect

As people age they become  vulnerable and depend on those around them to help support and care for them.Elder Abuse and Neglect is often hidden and can happen at the hands of family members or care givers.

  • Physical Hitting,kicking,pushing,slapping,burning or force causing injury.
  • Sexual Engaging in sexual acts without consent.Being rough with intimate body parts.
  • Emotional Harming self worth or emotional well being.Hiding cane,wheel chair and other aids.Harming pets.
  • Neglect Failing to meet basic needs like food,housing ,clothing and medical care.Creating long waits for food,toileting and basic care.Lack of heating and medical attention.Not reporting serious symptoms or changes.
  • Abandonment Leaving elder alone or no longer providing care.Threatening to institutonalise
  • Financial Illegally misusing an elders money,property or assets.Forcing elder to sign over power of attorney
  • Isolation Misinforming family,friends neighbours and care givers.Creating alliances about change and support.Controls where and what elder can do and who they can see.Limits access to resources and time with friends.

Reach out

Age Concern specialise in this kind of Family Violence http://www.ageconcern.org.nz
Why don’t you give them a call now on 03 544 7624

Specialises in helping victims of nursing home abuse http://www.nursinghomeabuseguide.org/

This site provides infomation on Leiomyosarcoma which is a type of malignant tumour effecting supportive tissues of the body http://www.leiomyosarcoma.org/

Need help now?

If you, or someone you know, needs urgent help, call one of these numbers NOW:

Women's Refuge
03 548 3353
SVS - Living Safe
03 548 3850

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